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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Recent commissions and monitor rant

Ho-boy... old monitor died, old news yeah, bought a new one, returned it after a few days because its blurry and gave me nausea and all the other same units are also the same blurry crap, couldn't find a new model I can afford, bought one from a thrift store, was perfectly fine for three days and then my pc won't open this morning and found that there was a tear on the cord so I returned it only to find out that it was fine when they tested it and that my cpu just needs some dusting but had the monitor replaced anyway because of the tear to make sure, took the replacement monitor home and after a few hours found it has ghost images which I didn't notice while in the store and I started feeling sick again, wife called the store and ask them that we'll just have our old monitor back and if the rip is ok with just tapes and they taped it, went back to the store again tonight and picked up the very monitor I took there this morning and now I'm typing this so I could get it off my chest and so the World could read a block of text with poor punctuations.

I hate this week and last. I'm so sick of this monitor issue. My arms and back aches. It's already Tuesday. I have so much work backlog blah blah blah-- shit.


iq40 said...

Buy a new flatscreen na lang. Mahirap talaga pag ang work mo ay heavily-dependent sa PC no? I had my own nightmares before when my PC crashed a couple of times. :(

Jhomar Soriano said...

Nyah, ala akong pambili ng flatscreen haha.

Sana pwede kay James mag-ala Benjo ng ODID para akin na lang yung mga luma nya nyahaha!!