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Philippine-based illustrator and father of three. His published works are MR. GRIEVES and ARKHAM WOODS for Seven Seas Entertainment, where each has been awarded in the 2007 and 2009 International Manga Award of Japan and LIAR'S KISS, a crime-noir graphic novel for Top Shelf Productions and many more. He likes Jidaigeki and Zombie films.

Friday, June 19, 2009


Didn't make anything worth posting yesterday.

Here's for today. This is also from the last page of my 9 year old Sketchpad that my wife gave to me back when she was still 4 months old pregnant with my second kid. Actually, it's not hard to believe it took me that long to finish the sketchpad because I've been doing my sketches on scrap paper all these times.

I just finished re-watching the whole Rurouni Kenshin: Shishio Makoto chapter and doesn't plan on watching the remaining arc because I think, the rest kinda jumped the shark, story-wise. I've just started again with Ghost in the Shell: SAC 1st Gig. Will it make any influence to my current train of thought and start drawing more mechanical-inspired pieces? Hard to say.

Been getting a lot of jokes from friends regarding the recent Ecchi sketch-barriage but, they're the first thing that comes to mind when I ready myself to do a sketch, truth be told. Something like your first love that you can't forget, haha!

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